Curse of Strahd

The House at the End of the Road

After exiting the mists you encountered two children standing in a quiet and seemingly abandoned village. They were terrified of a monster in their basement.

Tancred of Lyonesse was of course eager to help these two innocent children while the rest of the group showed a healthy skepticism, but the mists started closing in again ending any argument about mysterious children in the middle of the road talking about monsters and babies.

The ground floor showed clearly that this was a family of wealth. Richly furnished and tastefully decorated. The house was well taken care of.

The ground floor didn’t yield anything interesting or out of the ordinary. A hunters room with some crossbows and ammunition was the most interesting find.

The first floor was also well maintained and showed wealth. There was a library here and in the collection was books on almost every topic! Ranging from warfare to poetry, there was also a lot of books of fiction as well. In the drawers of the desk was a single, solitary iron key. Bartholomew stayed behind to write a journal entry about the mists and the house.

The second floor was another story altogether. Dust covered the floors and cobwebs strangled the rafters of the ceiling. From the third floor cold air was flowing down from the floor above. Traversing the floor towards the double doors Tancred was surprised when the “decorative” suit of armor attacked him! A vicious fight began between the armor and the rest of the group. Except Bartholomew that was still writing his journal entry.

Lawrence took some hard hits from the armor and almost went down! But eventually the group prevailed. Right after the fight Bartholomew arrived, finished with his letter. The crushed armor lying on the floor merely earned a raised, curious eyebrow.

Entering the double doors you found yourself in what appears to be the master bedroom. The furnishings were rotten and decayed. The tiger pelt on the floor in front of the mirror almost fell apart when you picked it up. On the vanity was a jewelry box.

Welcome to Barovia
The mists

The mists had engulfed you. You found yourself in a muted, gray landscape that chilled your bones with apprehension. Under your feet was a well-maintained dirt road. You decided to follow it to see where it took you.

You don’t know how much time had passed but after a while you sensed some vaguely humanoid shades travelling in the same direction as you. You felt no animosity from the shades, in fact you welcomed the company. It broke up the dreary monotone gray scale of your surroundings.

The silent mumblings from the shades took a while for your mind to register but you welcomed the sounds. They comforted you. Words started to spill from you. Filling the oppressive mist with the sound of your own voice strengthened your resolve. You told the shades all about yourself.

As time passed, or stood still, you began to notice more and more details of the shades. Clearly humanoid and varied in height from one to another. You started to wonder if you were a shade to them.

At long last you saw them clearly. Humans and half-orcs. Travelling together in the mists. The road changed. From dirt to gravel. Around you houses had appeared, silent as tombstones and twice as depressing.

Ahead of you were two children. They young boy clutched his little doll and cried.

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