Tancred of Lyonesse

The paladin of the group


Tancred was born under an onimous star in a noble family. Two healthy babies were born, Tancred and Willow, his twin sister who was born a few seconds earlier. They grew up together in a happy and wealthy household and the twins were very attached and intimate together. Not as intimate as Jaime and Cersei mind you, but they were like two bodies of the same person.

But even though they grew up in a happy Household there were early signs of the tragedy that was to come. Sometimes cats and dogs would go missing, only to be found mutilated a few weeks later. A girl that was visiting for a few months had grown ill in a terrible fashion that had made her smooth skin as wrinkly as an old hag and her hair fall out, even though she was still in her teens. And on their 16th birthday there was a great fire in the stables that killed a few stableboys and horses.

It was impossible for Tancred to have any suspicions about his sister, living in a cushioned world away from the hardships of reality. But as he grew he received the proper training as expected of the son of a noble. And as he learned more about the world suspicion grew in his heart. He still blames himself for not seeing the symptoms sooner that might have prevented the tragedy that befell his family.

On their 18th birthday Tancred arrived at the mansion to discover an eerie silence. There were no dogs barking, no random chatter of the servants. When he opened the door of his home he was confronted by a carnival of blood and death. The servants lay slain on the floor, their faces contorted in horror as their blood turned the entire floor in a crimson lake. Tancred charged up the stairs, sword in hand, believing he could find the murderous intruder. He burst into the master bedchamber and found his sister. She was proudly standing over the bodies of his parents who were intertwined in a final embrace, never letting go even though their bodies were punctured with countless wounds. Willow’s dress was a macabre mockery of it’s former self, coated with blood and bits of human flesh. With the dagger still in hand she stepped towards Tancred. She smiled at him and said: ’You’ll join me, won’t you brother?’ When she was only at arm’s length away Tancred reacted instinctively when she raised her arm. He had pierced her with the family sword still in hand.

After that day he started to hear the voice and sometimes see the image of his sister, sometimes taunting him for what he has done, sometimes thanking him for ending her misery. He wanders the land to hunt down beasts, unsure whether or not the same corruption that grew inside of his sister is also blossoming inside his own heart.

Tancred of Lyonesse

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