Curse of Strahd

Welcome to Barovia

The mists

The mists had engulfed you. You found yourself in a muted, gray landscape that chilled your bones with apprehension. Under your feet was a well-maintained dirt road. You decided to follow it to see where it took you.

You don’t know how much time had passed but after a while you sensed some vaguely humanoid shades travelling in the same direction as you. You felt no animosity from the shades, in fact you welcomed the company. It broke up the dreary monotone gray scale of your surroundings.

The silent mumblings from the shades took a while for your mind to register but you welcomed the sounds. They comforted you. Words started to spill from you. Filling the oppressive mist with the sound of your own voice strengthened your resolve. You told the shades all about yourself.

As time passed, or stood still, you began to notice more and more details of the shades. Clearly humanoid and varied in height from one to another. You started to wonder if you were a shade to them.

At long last you saw them clearly. Humans and half-orcs. Travelling together in the mists. The road changed. From dirt to gravel. Around you houses had appeared, silent as tombstones and twice as depressing.

Ahead of you were two children. They young boy clutched his little doll and cried.



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